Thursday, December 3, 2009


So by much request, anticipation, adoration, and excitement over my "morning bike porn" wall posts on Facebook over the last several months, I have such a fan base, I've decided to expand. And here it is. 

What is "morning bike porn", you may ask? It's simply a collection of photos of bikes. Sometimes they're solo against a landscape, sometimes it's a model posing in haute couture next to a bike. There have been naked men, naked women on bikes. Drawings of bikes. Experimental bikes. Obama on bikes. Vintage bikes. Circus bikes. Sex on bikes. Halloween bikes. Famous people on bikes. Famous people on my bike. Silly bikes. Sexy bikes. Wooden bikes. Bike Posters. Bike cityscapes. My friends on their ex-girlfriends bikes. Really, there's been a lot of bikes. 

And now you, my friend, who don't have the privilege of knowing me in Facebook-value can see my morning bike porn now. I post nearly every morning when I get up.... nothing like starting the day with a hot bicycle


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